Security Guard Services

Our security guards and security officers are the reasons Kashai has grown into one of the area’s largest and most efficient security providers. With our wide range of clients and industries we serve, our qualified security guards represent our clients in the most professional manner possible. With the varying degrees of experience and training our officers have, we are able to partner the appropriate officer to client. Whatever the detail calls for, We have maintained a wide range of highly qualified officers.


Research has proven that in many instances the security officer is the first impression for your organization. For this reason Kashai Security offers a wide range of options of Uniforms for our Guards and staffs and our special team uniform. Whatever the site specific condition calls for, from manufacturing, healthcare, retail, or any industry that utilizes security,Kashai is prepared to meet and exceed your expectations.


Kashai offers a wide range of security related services to our clients Currently here in Arusha. Our experienced staff specializes in many fields. The properly trained individual is always partnered with the appropriate mission. Some of the unique services we provide are:

  1. Electronic Vehicle Tracking.
  2. Examinations.
  3. Interviews.
  4. Executive protection.
  5. CCTV installation.
  6. Asset Discovery.